The market is full of toys.

Most of these toys are impressive to begin with, but they usually end up in the bin.

Although we adore toys here at MG when it comes to children's needs and entertainment we don't play around.
We don't play with toys.We create them, according to the strictest of quality control quidelines that are currently present in the world's most mature markets.

The difference is, we try harder! For the educational character of each toy, being appropriate for our children, for the toys'durabillity in long periods of use, value for money, without the toy loosing any of the fun and joy it has to offer.

At MG we aren't viewers of the development of the children. We propose educational and social ways of growing up. We teach children the magic world  of the games. We create games which teach the children while they educate them.
At MG we grow up generations by playing.

MG toys are close to the child.

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